• International Workplace
  • 4 July 2017

New Facilities Management Standard available for comment

The British Standards Institution is developing a new International Standard for facilities management that is now available for public comment.

The standard, ISO 41001, intends to aid organisations in managing their operational activities and risks, and lays out the requirements to plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and provide a documented integrated facility management (FM) system.

This International Standard is applicable to any organisation that wishes to:

  • establish, implement, maintain and improve an integrated FM system;
  • assure itself of conformity with its stated management policy; and
  • demonstrate conformity with this International Standard.

The extent to which each organisation applies the Standard depends on factors such as the overall mission and policies of the organisation, the nature of its activities, products and services and the location where and the conditions in which it functions.

The requirements specified in this International Standard are non-sector specific and intended to be applicable to all organisations, or parts thereof, whether public or private sector, and regardless of the type, size, and nature of the organisation or geographical location.

The Standard can be applied to both insourced and outsourced service provision of facility management.

The draft standard is open for public comment until 6 July.