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  • 11 January 2007

Special report on how employers can meet the energy efficiency challenge

Energy costs are rocketing, which means that the UK's biggest energy users are faced with an urgent need to address the financial and environmental impact of energy usage. The February issue of Workplace Law magazine, published 22 January 2007 - a special issue on making the case for energy efficiency - looks at how businesses are reacting to the challenge, and how they could be doing much more.

In 2006 there has been a seismic shift in business attitudes to energy management. The appearance of the Stern Report in November, unprecedented wholesale prices, new measures to combat climate change and stakeholder pressure on businesses to become better corporate citizens have kept energy at the forefront of commercial energy users’ minds. 

The February issue of Workplace Law magazine contains real case studies of major employers that are meeting the challenge head on, and practical advice for businesses struggling to cope with spiralling energy bills.

Mick Dalton, Immediate Past Chair of the British Institute of Facilities Management and Group Operations Director at Global Switch, writes in Workplace Law magazine:

“There’s been a definite shift in the last year. The main driver has been energy costs going up. Energy used to be 1% of a company’s costs, so the attitude was, why should we take it seriously? Now energy costs have gone through the roof, with 50-60% rises, there’s huge pressure from senior directors to save money.

“The second driver, particularly in the utilities and manufacturing sectors, is the UK Emissions Trading Scheme, which has changed people’s mindsets. With companies having to pay taxes and trade emissions, it has forced a lot of finance directors to say, ‘Help me save energy!’.”

The issue also examines:

  • current and future energy legislation. What does the future hold and is it legislation that will get us there? Is legislation the main driver for change or are other considerations more important? How effective is current legislation at encouraging business to invest in energy efficiency? Are businesses going above and beyond the call of legislation?
  • workplace sustainability. What areas should be considered when aiming to create a sustainable workplace – e.g. recycling, electrical appliances, heating/ventilation - and what strategies can managers use to gain the cooperation of employees. Case studies of organisations who are achieving success in this area, including Tescos.

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