Mock Employment Tribunal


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A highly interactive one-day event that brings the drama of an Employment Tribunal to life.

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International Workplace’s Mock Employment Tribunal is a highly interactive one-day event that brings the drama of an Employment Tribunal to life. This HR training course will offer you an impartial perspective from experts frequently involved in the Employment Tribunal process.

Our interactive course is designed to offer employers the opportunity to discuss and take part in a mock Employment Tribunal, as well as discuss issues surrounding Tribunals such as asking when is it appropriate to settle? And what costs (not just financial) can an employer expect when defending a claim?   This session is suitable for anyone working in HR or dealing with employee relations.

Course programme:

  • In the morning session, students will learn about how Employment Tribunals are constructed, how the Tribunal process should be approached, how to complete an ET3 and how to consider settlement.

  • In the afternoon session, a number of delegates will have the opportunity to participate fully in a mock Tribunal, including being witnesses and lay members, and all delegates will gain a better understanding of Tribunal proceedings.

It is designed specially to show delegates how an ET works, what happens on the day, and – most importantly – how the decisions you make in the workplace play out in a Tribunal hearing. This highly interactive event involves role play as well as observation and will give you first-hand experience of an Employment Tribunal in a safe environment: the only way you can take part in proceedings at an Employment Tribunal without actually being at the real thing.

Benefits to your organisation:

  • This course will help you gain the confidence to know when to resist a claim and how to win.
  • Our highly interactive sessions using group work and role play will give you first-hand experience in a safe environment so that you are fully prepared before you are involved in the real thing.
  • An understanding of what claims can be brought and how they are made, as well as the ET process itself, will help you to avoid making mistakes in your workplace that could cost your organisation thousands of pounds.

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