Data protection in the workplace (GDPR conformant)

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Importance of collecting, using and saving personal and sensitive data appropriately to protect individuals’ rights and uphold an organisation’s reputation.

This updated course emphasises the importance of collecting, using and saving personal and sensitive data appropriately to protect individuals’ rights and uphold an organisation’s reputation, particularly in light of recent legislation changes (GDPR).

Data protection in the workplace (GDPR conformant) is an introductory level eLearning course designed to introduce people who work with data to the key principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the practical steps that can be taken to ensure compliance, and the basics of data protection in the workplace. This introductory online course takes around 40 minutes to complete and explores what data is, the reasons it might be collected to support business functions, the options for storing data, and – when using personal data – what legal implications this brings to your organisation. Fully updated to cover the principles of the GDPR, the course explains the duties on employers with regard to data privacy and information security, the new rights of data subjects under GDPR, and the measures that employers should take when processing personal data.

This course is designed for people who have no previous knowledge of data protection or who are unfamiliar with the legal requirements of the GDPR. The best practice principles of the GDPR apply equally well to data protection in international markets.

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Course Introduction

  • Aims and learning outcomes

Unit 1: What’s changed?

  • Consent – clear and explicit
  • Breach notification
  • Right to access
  • Right to be forgotten
  • Data portability
  • Privacy by design
  • Enhanced penalties

Unit 2: What is personal data?

  • The difference between data, personal data, and sensitive personal data
  • Anonymised records
  • Impact of data loss on the individual and the organisation

Unit 3: Introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation

  • The General Data Protection regulation (GDPR)
  • Key GDPR definitions
  • Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
  • Principles of the General Data Protection Regulation

Unit 4: Working with personal data

  • The type of personal data protected by the GDPR
  • Lawful basis for processing data
  • Conditions for processing data
  • Privacy notices
  • Data sharing
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Information sharing agreements
  • Data processor agreements
  • How to deal with personal information

Unit 5: Security of personal data

  • Data security, policies and procedures
  • Best practice in data security
  • Handling data incidents

Unit 6: Course assessment

  • Ten question multiple-choice online assessment


Data protection in the workplace is studied online via the International Workplace Academy website. The course has been designed for use on PCs, laptops and responsive devices including Apple and Android tablets and smartphones.

We recommend using a recent version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for an optimal experience, but the course has been compatibility tested against:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome (v52 or later)
  • Mozilla Firefox (v47 or later)
  • Apple Safari 9

In the interests of security and performance it is always recommended you upgrade to the latest supported version of your chosen web browser.

An enterprise version of the course is available for business, which can be delivered via the International Workplace online learning platform, or through integration with the client organisation’s LMS and/or reporting system. Please contact us for further information.


In consultation with UKIE, appointed to the UK Government’s panel on accessibility in gaming and online learning, the course has been designed to be user-friendly for people with cognitive impairments, and to enhance the learning experience for people who find traditional ‘written word’ learning challenging.


For organisations wishing to use International Workplace’s LMS we can apply your corporate branding to the system. And we can integrate with LDAP and ADFS single-sign-on systems or any of the authentication protocols supported by simpleSAMLphp, to allow their users to access the LMS without the need for additional login.

For organisations with their own corporate LMS, our use of Tin Can xAPI (the modern replacement for SCORM) to provide tracking allows us to launch the course from your LMS for a seamless user experience, while tracking remains under our control. And our reporting API ensures you can import progress data back into your own system.


UUID Shared unique identifier for integration with your systems
Cookies Must be set to enabled
Key technologies and standards HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Tin Can, Adapt framework v2.0.17
Required software Adobe Reader (or equivalent PDF viewer) Microsoft Word (or equivalent .docx viewer)
Internet connection Broadband or 4G recommended
Offline study Supports offline study: if internet connection is lost during study then progress and performance data will be stored offline temporarily until a connection becomes available.
Data security Data and services hosted within EU data centres unless specified otherwise by the client.
Language versions English. Can be translated into multiple languages
Hosting platform Microsoft Azure – enabling the perfect balance between affordability, security, flexibility, scalability and availability