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Permits to Work


The permits to work training course explores the essential elements of permits to work systems and what type of high-risk activities may require them.

A permit to work system is a formal written system used to control certain types of work that are potentially hazardous. A permit to work is a document that specifies the work to be done and the precautions to be taken. Permits-to-work form an essential part of safe systems of work for many maintenance activities. They allow work to start only after safe procedures have been defined and they provide a clear record that all foreseeable hazards have been considered.

This course is ideal for health and safety managers and line managers responsible for higher risk activities, particularly where third-party contractors are employed.

Outline and content

Our permits to work training is a half-day course, delivered via virtual classroom or face-to-face classroom by one of our qualified trainers.

During the permits to work course, you will cover the following modules:

  • Introduction to the need for permits to work.
  • The fundamentals of permits to work.
  • The procedures of permits to work .
  • Unusual termination of the permit.
  • The responsibilities of the issuer and receiver of the permit.
  • ‘Vicinitee’ practical application.

As this course has been designed by us, if you have any special requirements then we can tailor the course content to suit your company's needs.

Learning outcomes

By employing a permit to work system, you will be introducing a fundamental safeguard for higher risk work activities. Equally, putting in place an effective system will ensure that existing controls cannot be overridden accidentally.

By the end of the permits to work training course learners will be able to:

  • Understand what is a permit to work?
  • Know the need for a permit to work.
  • Understand the content of a permit to work.
  • Understand he permit to work procedure.
  • Identify the responsibilities of the issuer and receiver.
  • Understand the potential difficulties with the procedure.


No prerequisites required.

Course length

The duration of our permits to work training course is half a day.

There is a recommendation of a maximum of 14 people per course.


No formal assessment is required.


Learners will receive a certificate of attendance.

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