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Cultural awareness


The course makes an informative and empowering session that all staff will be able to benefit from. It is aimed at all staff to develop their cultural awareness within the workplace and in life in general.

Whether you are developing international business, working as part of a global virtual team or managing a network of overseas suppliers, cultural awareness and intercultural competence are critical for success. Understanding the cultural drivers that motivate your international partners can make all the difference to winning a global contract, completing a project on time or leading an international team. Without the right levels of cultural sensitivity, organisations risk dysfunctional global teams, failed negotiations with new clients, miscommunication, delays and frustrations all leading to lost time and money. 

Outline and content

  • What is culture
  • Stereotypes versus generalisations
  • Generalising about culture norms
  • Layers of culture
  • Culture below the waterline
  • The Discussion/your rules of engagement
  • Organisational culture and values
  • Self-awareness – what are your cultural values
  • Status and hierarchy
  • Individualism versus collectivism
  • Task versus relationships
  • Risk versus uncertainty
  • Attitudes to time
  • Culture above the waterline
  • Culture we can see
  • The impact of religion at work
  • The first meeting
  • When cultures collide
  • Communicating across cultures
  • Style switching simulation
  • Direct versus indirect styles
  • Silence, interrupting and turn-taking
  • Non-verbal communication
  • English as an international language
  • Email writing across cultures
  • Listening the greatest skill of all
  • Communication strategies
  • Becoming culturally intelligent
  • Skills and attributes for cultural intelligence
  • Rapport building
  • Curiosity – learning more
  • Discussion/authenticity versus adaptation
  • Accept or adapt
  • Action planning

Learning outcomes

By the end of this session delegates will have a greater awareness of different cultures and will be able to respond more sensitively in a variety of situations. 



Course length

1 day.

8-12 people.


No formal assessment.


International Workplace certificate of attendance.

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