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Introduction to employment law


Employment legislation changes frequently and it is imperative that managers keep up to date with the latest changes. The implications of handling a situation incorrectly can be significant as employees (past and present) and job applicants can make a claim at an Employment Tribunal.

This training course can guide managers and supervisors to better equip them with a practical understanding of key areas of employment law and give them more confidence when dealing with day-to-day management issues, as well as an understanding of the implications of their actions.

Outline and content

  •     Understanding the different types of contracts of employment.
  •     Understanding how to vary contracts of employment and the implications of doing so.
  •     What constitutes the written statement of terms and conditions.
  •     Understanding the different forms of discrimination.
  •     Understanding equal pay within the workplace.
  •     Family-friendly rights – including working flexibly.
  •     Termination of employment.

Learning outcomes

  • Making sure you are up to date with all key employment legislation will help to make sure your company does not fall foul of the law, which could have costly repercussions for your organisation, both financially and in terms of negative PR.
  • Overall awareness of employment legislation and the potential risks involved will help you to manage your staff and your company’s business objectives.



Course length

Half day.

Up to 12.


No formal assessment.


International Workplace certificate of attendance.

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