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Managing redundancy


This interactive in-house training course is designed to help you understand all of the right steps you need to take before terminating an employment contract for reason of redundancy, as failure to follow the correct procedures can lead to unnecessary litigation and prove to be a costly error.

Are you looking to cut costs by reducing your workforce, including making staff redundant? Have you already made cuts, but are wondering about your legal responsibilities as an employer? Have you followed, or are you planning to follow, the correct redundancy process? Or are you concerned that you may be at risk of receiving an Employment Tribunal claim?

This managing redundancy training course answers all of these questions and more. The guidance offered during this session will save you time and money by avoiding the expense and preparation involved with Employment Tribunals.

Outline and content

This session can be run over a half day or a full day with the content changing accordingly. 

The half-day session will cover:

  •     Legal context of redundancy including costs of getting it wrong.
  •     Consultation.
  •     Selection process.
  •     Suitable and alternative employment.
  •     Redundancy payments and trial periods.

The full day session will be able to cover the above in more detail as well as:

  •     How to deliver the news of redundancy.
  •     The emotional issues for staff and the managers.
  •     Survivor syndrome and looking after those left.

Learning outcomes


  • This course will help prepare managers for dealing with redundancy whilst understanding the potential pitfalls.
  • Understanding the correct steps to take through the redundancy process and being aware of your legal responsibilities will help your organisation avoid unnecessary and costly litigation, low team morale, bad publicity and potentially damaging Employment Tribunals.



Course length

Half a day or full day option.

Up to 12 people.


No formal assessment.


International Workplace certificate of attendance.