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Personal development


In-house / Personal Development

Conflict and communication

An introductory course designed to help people improve their communication skills and manage conflict, both with colleagues in the workplace as well as in front line roles such as dealing with difficult customers.


In-house / Personal Development

CPD Leadership Management

One of our coveted courses in leadership management covering three key areas over 3 days. Establishing effective teams, motivating and improving performance and effective communication. Ideal for anyone in a management role wanting to explore their own style and develop their skills to drive operational performance.


In-house / Personal Development

Delivering learning and development activities

Ideal for anyone producing or delivering learning activities in the workplace, this course cleverly covers groundwork necessary to nurture an environment in tune with learning and the complete learning and development delivery and evaluation.


In-house / Personal Development

Leading the team

The course makes an informative session that all team leaders and managing staff will be able to benefit from. It is aimed at all staff to develop their knowledge and skills to be a more effective leader, exploring roles, culture, objectives and leadership styles.