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Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessors


A practical course providing the skills to carry out risk assessments in compliance with The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations and seek to protect the health of workers by reducing risks from musculoskeletal disorders, mental stress and visual fatigue.

Because of the nature of the risks, an individual assessment is required for each DSE training user; therefore many organisations choose to train people as DSE assessors in order to fulfil this function. 

A key part of this course is the inclusion of current ways of working. With the increase in agile working and people working remotely we cover how to include modern ergonomic equipment including sit stand desk.

Outline and content

This is a 1 day instructor led classroom course to provide your staff with the fundamental skills to undertake a DSE assessment. This course is delivered at your premises or location of choice.

  • The hazards associated with DSE
  • Ergonomics and posture
  • Overview of Display Screen Equipment Regulations and L26 the associated guidance document
  • Practical experience
  • Awareness of control measures available
  • Specialist assistance

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session you will have the basic skill and knowledge to  undertake DSE assessment, keep records and seek out common solutions to advice staff on how to be comfortable at their workstation and assisting their employer in meeting the organisations legal obligations.  


None. It is designed for office managers, health and safety managers, supervisors, and anyone working with visual display screen equipment.

Course length

1 day.

Up to 12 people.


Practical exercise.


Certificate of Attendance.