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Managing asbestos in commercial premises


This International Workplace in-house training course is designed for anyone responsible for managing asbestos in your workplace.

The course will cover a broad range of asbestos related subjects, including the nature of asbestos, the risks to health in the workplace and asbestos management planning and strategies. We will also cover the roles of anyone within the workplace that might be responsible for, or come into contact with, asbestos, including contractors.

Delegates will also learn how to audit asbestos removal projects, and is suitable for employees that have no real experience within the asbestos industry.

Outline and content

  • Introduction to the legal responsibilities of managing asbestos.
  • Legal requirements of being a duty holder or appointed person.
  • Covers understanding asbestos management plans.
  • Asbestos risk assessments - what are they and how to execute them.
  • General management of asbestos.
  • Process of safe removal of asbestos.

Learning outcomes

  • Adhere to the legal responsibilities of the management of asbestos.
  • Delegates/appointed persons will be fully aware of their responsibilities in the management of asbestos in the workplace.
  • Be able to implement an asbestos management plan and risk assessment. 
  • Will have knowledge about the process of removing asbestos from the workplace safely.



Course length

1 day.

UP to 12 people.


Classroom assessments.


International Workplace certificate of attendance.