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Selection and control of contractors


Contractors are employed as third parties to carry out work on behalf of the client. However, in any client-contractor relationship, both parties will have duties under health and safety law. Similarly, if the contractor employs sub-contractors to carry out some or all of the work, all parties will share some health and safety responsibilities, which makes the issue of managing health and safety difficult.

A 1-day instructor-led classroom course to meet your minimum legal requirements.

Outline and content

  • Factors to consider when deciding to use contractors
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using contractors
  • Health and safety issues relating to contractors
  • Assessing the risks of contract work – pre-tender
  • Contractor selection
  • Considerations before work commences
  • Control of contractors during the work
  • Monitoring contractor performance
  • Learning lessons
  • Basics of Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Regulations

Learning outcomes

This course will cover how contract work should be managed. It clarifies the general health and safety responsibilities of clients and contractors to protect people and the workforce, including visitors or members of the public. 

  • Appreciate and understand the importance and reasons why contractor activities need to be managed.
  • Gain confidence in managing contract work appropriately.
  • Assess existing internal practices and procedures and make improvements as necessary.
  • Implement a system for contractor control in accordance with the law, guidance and best practice.



Course length

1 day.

Up to 12 people.


No formal assessment.


Certificate of completion.