Understanding FM Operations


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For FM service providers and client teams, in the UK and internationally.

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Our flagship short FM course! A comprehensive three-day course for operational facilities managers looking to expand their role and responsibilities and invest in their personal development. Building on over 30 years’ experience in the FM sector, this course covers all aspects of FM, from legislation and compliance through to customer focus and performance management. Ideal for service providers and FM teams, in the UK and internationally.

This FM training course defines exactly what FM is, and measures the value of a successful and integrated FM structure, allowing delegates to see the wider role they have in their organisation. Incorporating aspects of sustainability, health and safety and customer focus, the course illustrates in detail the areas of legislation and compliance that FMs should be aware of, and their implications.

This course will help you to:

  • Discover the extent of the role of FM, and its importance
  • Understand building design, services and management
  • Explore key elements of space management, planning and relocation
  • Understand contract services and how to manage them, and the tendering process
  • Become aware of key compliance issues concerning environmental management and health and safety
  • Understand the importance of the customer experience, and satisfaction levels
  • Appreciate the principles of commissioning and managing contract services

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