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University of East Anglia

IOSH Managing Safely online training provides a clear safety standard for our managers


About University of East Anglia

The University of East Anglia was established in 1963. It has a student population of over 16,000 and is based in the historic city of Norwich, UK.

David Brown is the Health, Safety and Risk Manager, Estates Division at the University. He explains why he chose International Workplace to partner with to provide the IOSH Managing Safely certificate to its estates division.



I’m very pragmatic in the way I approach health and safety. I tend to believe that if you train staff well and engage with them properly, they’ll work in a more consistently safe manner. If people want to work safely, they generally want to promote others to do the same and are more inclined to challenge poor practice.

International Workplace was one of the few to provide the IOSH Managing Safely course online when I was working at City College Norwich and first started looking for alternatives to classroom, face-to-face delivery. Because of the really positive feedback I received from the 70-80 college staff who completed the training, I continued to promote and deliver the online course once I moved across to my current role at the University of East Anglia, and we’ve again been very happy with how International Workplace has delivered it.

If you have managers who can be held legally accountable, they need, and it’s only right that they have, the knowledge this course provides, to keep themselves and their teams safe.

David Brown David Brown Health, Safety and Risk Manager in UEA

IOSH Managing Safely is mandatory training for managers at the UEA

The University is engaged with IOSH Managing Safely as an online course and it has been very, very well received by managers. Estates approved of it being a mandatory course and we’ve run it for 80+ managers at the University so far.

It’s important to me that the information provided to my team is easily digestible and easy for them to apply in the workplace. The practical exercises are a great test of their understanding of the course. They make managers look at the issues in their own workplace areas. Some of the candidates have implemented changes at work, based on the examples they’ve given on the course.

The IOSH Managing Safely training provides a safety standard so we can be very clear on the levels of safety that we expect.