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Jan 10

Kate Gardner

Why bother with refresher training for employees?


Most people feel refresher training can be dull and part of a ‘tick box procedure’ that fills them with dread, trying to remember whether they had received the original training. Training is meant to be effective and memorable and refresher training shouldn’t be any different. As part of good management and cultural identity of the company, it acts not only as reinforcement, but also gives employees an opportunity to answer long outstanding questions to help with their own understanding. It also resets the attitude that comes with people working in groups for long periods of time, putting their own interpretation on things, regardless of folly.

Adam Walmsley

Why do we bother?

The first reason is we are required in law to do it. Article 21 of the UK’s Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 says we “must,” and Regulation 12 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 says we “shall”, and this will “be repeated periodically where appropriate” so there is no getting away from it. If we can be bothered to look further it goes on to say “be adapted to take account of any new or changed risks”.

As any trainer knows, training is not training if learning has not taken place. Refresher training is an excellent opportunity to adapt; by checking initial learning has taken place, provide employees with essential updates and this time really show them how it relates to their work environment so they can make a difference to their own wellbeing. For the responsible person it can also help them review and ensure existing training materials are suitable and get feedback from staff by including a questionnaire as part of their training experience.

Refresher training can help to motivate your staff into attempting new styles of working, prevent complacency and a tendency for laziness in the workplace, as well as keep up with new technology and expectations. You have to consult and instruct your staff regularly anyway; therefore make the most of it by maximising company time and cost, especially when it comes to refresher training.

International Workplace offers the world-renowned IOSH Managing Safely Refresher course as a classroom-based course and via elearning. Anyone who has undertaken the IOSH Managing Safely course needs to undertake the Refresher course after three years to keep their qualification valid, so not only does this save time and money on course fees, it also serves as a useful training reminder, to keep your staff safe and compliant.

Download the brochure now or call us on 0333 210 1995 to find out more.

Kate Gardner

Health and Safety Trainer at International Workplace

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